Life is Like a Dandelion

Seriously, a week ago there was a plethora of yellow beside the road down from our house.  Dandelions in full bloom.  This week, it is a sea of puff-balls.  Dandelions gone to seed.  Next week, it just may be that the wind has carried those little seeds away.  Last week  I stood by helplessly as my baby turned four (I’ll blog pictures soon).   I look through photos I have captured of him over the past few years, and I just thought “wow, it’s gone too quickly”.  Really, life is like a dandelion, isn’t it?  I get to teach and grow these little people while they are the bright yellow blooms, and that doesn’t last long!  I hope I can remember this when they leave their books and math manipulatives lying around on the office floor.  I hope I can remember this often enough to change the way I see each of the little moments that make up my time on earth.  I hope I can remember just how quickly life goes by every time I see a dandelion.


This Week in Review & a Sneak Peek

I knew I wanted to post tonight. I’ve been working all evening, and my eyes are tired.  Well, to be honest, all of me is tired too.  So, I got up shook my sillies out (if you remember that Mr. Dress up song *side note: Mr. Dressup was totally my favourite) and grabbed a drink of water.   I’ve been so busy this week, and next week is going to be insane too, but insane can be good.  Right?  But I’m a little behind.  And that’s ok, because David came home today and said “mmm, smells clean”  or something along those lines.  AND he noticed the baseboards have been scrubbed.  So all my labours this week, with the kids, at my desk, and scrubbing those pesky baseboards have not gone unnoticed.  Though I do believe the house being clean really only lasted about five minutes. Oh the futility.  But I was told that I am loved to the moon and back, and then to the froggy pond and all the way back to the moon and back down into the earth and then up to the moon and back again, and well, a few other places I can’t recall.  That means I am loved.  Like, a LOT.  Sigh.

And now a peek of the session I did with these great kiddos last week:  Sometime’s I just get to play, and this was one of those times.  I think it was a pretty great adventure.  I got to hear about Molly the Cow, and these cuties were vigilant and let me know when random objects of nature fell off my head.

Happy Friday, uh, almost Saturday…



Time Keeps Tickin’

Ok, I don’t necessarily like using song lyrics for posts.  But this just seemed so fitting.  I mention in the previous post how Image Quest made me think about what’s important and what’s not.  And how valuable my TIME really is.  I love my kids.  I love TIME with my kids.  Time spent teaching them, learning with them, tickling them, cuddling up with them, playing cars with them, covering random objects with glitter with them, listening to them read for the very first time… These are the things I won’t get to do for much longer.  That is what’s valuable to me.  So, I came home with my mind set to make some changes as to how I spend my time on the back end.   I’m stepping back a few paces and trying to see how I can free up some of that time , so I can spend it in a way that’s a little wiser.  Guess what I found out?   These changes take TIME.  Ugh.  Seriously,  I can’t instantly implement some time saving strategy?!?  Now I have to spend some time getting that song, I used in the title, out of my head.

And since nothing says LAST DAY OF MARCH 2010 like a pair of Converse All Star canvas high-tops on the mossy ruin of some building built in the 1800s (or a run-on sentence):


A Top Ten and Other Truff

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was attending a photography conference.  Last night was the final night.  I seriously came home with a headful.  To be honest, it wasn’t really what happened in the conference as much as my re-telling of it to David, that helped me re-connect with my vision for photography.  I love it.  Plain and simple.

So my TOP TEN highlights of the past 3 days:

1.  The information re-clarified my passion.  Things I all too easy forget where brought to light.  Seeing what I want, and don’t want, with complete clarity.

2. My very FIRST skytrain ride.  Yes, I’m lame.

3.  Meeting Jasmine  Star.  I love her work, and she’s hilarious.  Seriously.

4.  Seeing the amazing underwater work of Dale Sanders.  This guy swam with sharks!

5.  Stepping out of my comfort zone.  Initiating conversation with complete strangers.  Intimidating, because I haven’t had to do that for, well, a while anyway.

6.  Learning about other photographers.  As in other local(ish) photographers.  It was cool to just be around people who do what I do – most of whom do it better.  VERY good experience.

7.  Garlic MASHED POTATOES!  Oh the garlicky and creme cheesy goodness – wowzers!

8.  Being reminded of how VALUABLE my TIME is!  I really forget that sometimes.

9.  Hanging out downtown and snapping pics.

10.  Starbucks’ free pastry promo! Maple scone. It was a nice surprise.


I Won’t

I won’t be enjoying an ‘after breakfast’ coffee in the light coming through the window while my kids sit around the table with books, and pencils, and paper.  Not for the next three days.  I’ll be attending a photography conference.  I’m pretty excited because one of my photography inspirations will be speaking.  That’s exciting, but it doesn’t quite make up for what I will be missing.  And I’m not talking about the coffee, but the kids around the table with books, and pencils, and paper.

Here’s a picture of my mornings.  Taken by my 5 year old.