11:41 PM, a Broken Lens, and Sleep Talking

It was 11:41 pm. Normally I’d be asleep. But last night I wasn’t. I was up. Thinking. Thinking about the events of the day, and how I was going to replace a broken lens.

You see, I’d been letting my daughter take pictures with my old camera body. We’re making an alphabet book. It’s really quite cute, and in the near future I’ll be posting some of its contents. She was done with the camera, and I saw it lying on the table. I knew it could easily be knocked over. So, I tenderly picked it up, and placed it in the office. Safe. My kids don’t just come into the office and grab camera equipment. Safe. We ate lunch. I quickly snuck off to the office to send some emails.

Then, in one fatal swoop, my sweet little four year old came waltzing into the office, stated “I want to take pictures”, and grabbed, and dropped, the camera. Lens down. On to the floor. Before I could even realize he was in the office. I think it’s life flashed before my eyes. It arriving in the mail just in time for the first portraits I would ever do for anyone other than my immediate family… There it was lying on the floor. I think my life flashed before my eyes. I hoped against hope it was ok. I felt a little surge of panic. I picked it up, and decided to try it out. Click click. But no focus. My heart dropped into my stomach. I switched to manual focus. The ring just went around and around. I could’ve gotten mad. I wasn’t though. After all people are always more important than stuff. I gave my guy a little lecture about touching things without asking, and then sat down out of sight to cry a little.

And so, at 11:41 I was awake. Thinking of ways to replace the lens. Brainstorming all these ideas to make some extra money. By, like, tomorrow. Trying to combat a lot of self-doubt. Trying to figure out an easier way. Going through the house, item by item to figure out what I could sell. I went back to bed. Had a little conversation with my husband about how he didn’t mean to copy me, and he would open his hand and let it go??? I asked him what he copied. He told me “your hand”. He talks in his sleep sometimes. I find it humorous. One time he was telling me about the BBQ, and I told him it was on fire. It’s fun to mess with peoples subconsciouses.

I rolled over. Everything would be fine. Even if I couldn’t replace it at the moment. It would all be fine. I hope I will always think of stuff, as just stuff. I hope, that if I ever place more value on a lens than the people I love, I’ll stumble upon this post. And see, it’s just a lens. I hope that David will talk in his sleep again soon, so I can tell him about it the next morning.


And because hydrangea’s are prettier than lenses:

Perfectly Beautiful Memories and a Peek | Maple Ridge Newborn Photographer

I was holding my firstborn son. I was chocking back tears and trying to let my thoughts form words. The emotions made it so difficult. “He’s perfect – he’s beautiful.” It was a whisper. David thought it would be a good time to tell me he thought our son looked like an alien. I would’ve got up and smacked him if I would have had the strength. But I didn’t (lucky him). And I was too in love with a perfectly beautiful baby boy. Over the next several weeks I developed a severely sore neck because every time I held him, I just had to look at him. Constantly. Every mom knows what I’m talking about right?

The fact is newborns ARE perfectly beautiful. (Even if my husband thought ours weren’t). Their tiny hands, tiny feet, tiny noses, I’m just not sure there is anything more beautiful on the entire planet! And I am sure there is no one that can capture a mother’s heart, like a newborn.

I absolutely love newborns, and loved getting to take some photos of this perfectly beautiful little baby girl. Yup, I’ll do anything to get to spend time with babies ;)


Portfolio Images for CCSR Interior Design

Disclaimer: I’m way behind in blog posts. I’ve come to accept this a way of life for me. Anyhow, that aside… Earlier this year I took photos for CCSR Interior Design. I have worked with Christa before, and it is always a great experience for me.  I had some lighting malfunctions on this day, and she graciously ran out to buy me a new battery. (Thanks again for being so sweet!)  I think she did a fantastic job with this basement suite, and she designed the fireplace unit, which is both functional and looks great. Actually, I believe she also designed the bathroom cabinet.  You can actually see her project drawings here.crd1 copy
LayoutTemp2 copy

Sneak Peek: Thank Heaven for Little Boys | Abbotsford Children’s Photographer

There’s something special about boys. They seem to observe the world around them in a unique way, they can’t sit still long, and it seems they find anything with lights and buttons and screws to turn, pretty much impossible to resist. I’m not sure that ever changes as they grow up. And grow up they do. This little guy is no exception, as he recently celebrated his very first birthday! He is on the move to explore and find out all about the world around him. I had so much fun playing with him, and watching him see what happens when you push that little red button on the flash unit. Little ones are simply awesome, and I just can’t help but thank heaven for little boys!


Sneak Peek: Baby Bump | Abbotsford Maternity Photographer |

When I shot the wedding of these soon to be parents almost two years ago, I couldn’t help  thinking  “she’s going to be a great mom”.  Maybe because she trained her dog to walk the rings down the isle, or maybe because of the way I saw her love everyone and every animal around her on her wedding day.  Yes, every animal –  ducks, cows, horses.  It was pretty sweet!  Needless to say I was thrilled to take them out to shoot some maternity photos on Saturday evening.  The sun even came out after a day of rain, to give us some beautiful light to play around with, but it was still pretty windy and col

Actually, as I look at the clock, they should be with their new early arrival right now!    I hope everything went as planned and all is well with the new family.