The Close of 2010

I always find myself in contemplative mode as the close of a year approaches. Beginning a new year always feels like a fresh start. Isn’t that irrational? January 1 is really only another day – one that follows the previous day – just like today has followed yesterday and will be followed by tomorrow. But it’s a time for contemplation none the less. I find myself asking what have I left to finish? What do I hope to begin?

I have grown in 2010. I have dreamed. I have shared. And I have loved. My word for the year was “thrive”. I didn’t always thrive, sometimes, I merely survived. Though, there were plenty of opportunities for thriving. I passed some of them up, and retreated.

2011 I want to DREAM more, and not think about what is impossible. I want to SHARE more. Share in life with others. Bad and good. I want to GROW with more grace. I want to LOVE more freely.

Before we know it we will be sitting on the cusp of 2012. In contemplative mode.


Something Worth Remembering

Lest we forget. My parents were kids in WWII. They know what it’s like to have your country invaded and your freedom taken away. My dad could tell you stories about cookies offered to children by invading german soldiers. He would tell you he threw his on the ground in defiance. He could tell you how he had to sprinkle pepper on the sidewalk to throw off the hounds. My mom could tell you stories of how my Grandmother would stall when the soldiers came knocking on their door. She could tell you about seeing a bloodied neighbour being taken from his home, his family, his country. They can tell you what its like to be woken up by sirens and bombers flying overhead. They can tell you about food rations, lice, war-time living. They can also tell you about the Canadian soldiers and how everyone came out into the streets when Holland was finally liberated.

Thankfully, I don’t have stories like this about my childhood. Thankfully brave men and women were willing to give up their own comfort, safety, and families to fight back. Thankfully we still have brave man and women who fight for freedom, so we don’t have to stall while enemy soldiers knock on our door, send our twelve year olds out to sprinkle pepper to throw off the hounds, or be woken by the chilling sounds of sirens and bombers overhead. We are free. Because of them. Something worth remembering today. Lest we forget.



A while back I got a chance to meet up with this amazing couple to shoot their engagement photos in Fort Langley. I’ve been so excited to post the sneak peek, but have been busy with a move, sick children, and most recently car trouble. (Thank you for your patience guys!)

Fort Langley is such an amazing little place, and believe it or not this was the first time I ever wondered around the adorable town! It was great, because I was with these fantastic two, finding great locations, laughing, trespassing, and breaking & entering. I am just kidding about the criminal activity. Sort of. And I am forever grateful be that they managed to get a spider off of me without me even screaming or having a panic attack. (Thanks again for that!)

I’m so excited to photograph their wedding next year! Ok, enough waiting already. Here’s some teasers:


Breathe. And Colour.

Wow! I’ve been MIA. Again. Both catching up and catching breath. I’ve been laying low for the summer, and enjoying the non-schedule. That’s about to change, but I don’t really want to think about all that right now. And, sometimes when I don’t want to think about life – I re-design. So, I went a little search for some laid back colour. I’ve been surrounded by colours lately as I am working on some graphic design concepts in my down time. I like colour, but I like palettes more. And… I’d write more about it, but I’ve got to go make supper, and play with the kids. It’s summer after all, and I’m taking a deep breath.