April 8th : Fav of the Week

Growing up my family had a memorable book of short stories.  My brothers and sister had read it when they where younger, and, I being some years behind them, had it passed on to me.  I had my favourite stories within its pages.  “The Grumble Family” and “The Pink Tree”.  As a child I thought there couldn’t be a better story than one about a tree that turns pink in the spring.  Moving to west coast, I get to see pink trees everywhere. Every spring. And I’m not sure there’s anything that quite fills me with anticipation like cherry blossoms.  Cherry blossoms let me know that Spring is here.  I’ll be able to put away my collection of grey sweaters, and pull out my t-shirts.  Blossoms let me know that soon, I’ll be able to spend a quiet sunlit evening outside.  Maybe even pulling out a well-worn hardcover, and reading my kids a couple of their favourite stories.  Which just happen to include  “The Grumble Family”  and “The Pink Tree”.

This was my One Photo today.  

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