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Yesterday marked the last day of 365 days of blogging for a photographer I follow. It was inspirational to see her accomplish that goal. I can’t put that sort of pressure on myself though, but I had planned on starting a similar personal project in which I took a photo each day of the year, give or take – but I need to pick one fav image each week. Each week will have certain limits placed upon it – like one week I will only take pictures with the iphone etc. Some weeks I intend to follow a particular theme, but the main goal is to be able to look back and see life. I need fluidity, but I have been impacted with how life can change drastically from one New Years Eve to the next. It would be so amazing to be able to take a visual look back and see everyday, or at least every week. I want to a push to see creatively, and to try to capture life as it is (or isn’t – if that is the goal). I didn’t want the pressure of having to post the photo everyday if I didn’t want to, so I set up a blog specifically for the daily stuff. I’ll pick my favourite, and share it here. Of coarse if you care to see the whole week, I’ll share the link to the daily(ish) site url: HERE
This week I restricted myself to the wide angle at the same focal length. The story telling lens. So one photo each day, with one lens. With the exception of the first day, since I had not made up my mind to restrict myself yet. That came as an after thought.

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  1. amanda January 8, 2011

    sigh. you inspire me. i was going to do something like this this year, but can’t seem to get the camera out every day. So, once a week photos will have to do. Love all the photos! :)

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