Sneak Peek: Thank Heaven for Little Boys | Abbotsford Children’s Photographer

There’s something special about boys. They seem to observe the world around them in a unique way, they can’t sit still long, and it seems they find anything with lights and buttons and screws to turn, pretty much impossible to resist. I’m not sure that ever changes as they grow up. And grow up they do. This little guy is no exception, as he recently celebrated his very first birthday! He is on the move to explore and find out all about the world around him. I had so much fun playing with him, and watching him see what happens when you push that little red button on the flash unit. Little ones are simply awesome, and I just can’t help but thank heaven for little boys!



  1. Amanda May 19, 2010

    What a cutie. I love that little guy. We’re buds.

  2. admin May 19, 2010

    :) Yup, you guys are!

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