I Won’t

I won’t be enjoying an ‘after breakfast’ coffee in the light coming through the window while my kids sit around the table with books, and pencils, and paper.  Not for the next three days.  I’ll be attending a photography conference.  I’m pretty excited because one of my photography inspirations will be speaking.  That’s exciting, but it doesn’t quite make up for what I will be missing.  And I’m not talking about the coffee, but the kids around the table with books, and pencils, and paper.

Here’s a picture of my mornings.  Taken by my 5 year old.


Tea and Ten | Personal

We were shopping for our wedding registry, looking at dinnerware, and I did the unthinkable.  I dropped the really expensive plate I was looking at.  The good news is it didn’t break.  The bad news is, we absolutely NEEDED those plates, price tag and all!

Ten and a half years and four kids later, many of the plates have been broken.  Even the lid to the tea pot has been broken.  It’s a pretty tea pot, but not in the flowery ‘grandmothers’ tea pot sort of way.  In the berry blue and apple green way.  But the tea-pot still makes me smile every morning. Every morning when I throw in a bag of Darjeeling  or Rooibos.  And when I pick it up to pour out a hot cup of tea to sip on while I work in the wee hours, when the house is still and family is sleeping.  Me and my tea sit in the office and read.  And sit at my computer and work.

I suppose I can be thankful that those years ago, I reached down to grab the plate I dropped, and thankfully found it completely intact!


Kraft Dinner, Kleenex and the Olympics

I’ve been sick.  I mean lying in bed with the feeling that I  have to sneeze really bad but I just can’t,  boxes of Kleenex being emptied far too rapidly, getting up and sitting back down because the room starts spinning – that sort of miserable sick.  To top it off I got a migraine on Sunday, but the good news is David went out to get me a mocha frap (thanks to my sister’s valentine gift to us – a starbucks gift card)  and I was able to watch Canada beat USA in the Olympic hockey game.  That game was so intense, I think I was about to get another migraine just from the stress of watching it.  That’s why I can’t watch hockey too much.  I get WAY into it.

So, what does that have to do with Kraft Dinner?  Nothing.  But I need to add a picture to a post, because you know what they say,  and that picture was taken just after my little guy finished up every last morsel of his Kraft Dinner.  And I just loved the feel of it.  Crumbs of slightly over cooked noodle, and cheese still on his lips.  Because that’s life.  And it makes me smile out from under my pile of Kleenex.


Silent Confidence

My kids don’t always want to pose for me.  Some days I have a million shot ideas I want to try, and I naturally assume they want to model for me.  Sometimes they do.  Sometimes they don’t.  A long while back I made a few tutus, and it has been a long while since I’ve used them.  I actually took this shot on a day that all my kids wanted to model for me, and really I only needed one of them.


Where Have I Been?

I put up my new blog and then my ‘lofty blog dreams’ and I went MIA.  So where have these dreams and I been?   Stuck to my office chair.  Staring  at the computer screen for countless hours. Drinking coffee, tea, anything liquid I can get my hands on really.   Designing and building a website for David.  Setting up, and yes, even posting on his blog.  It’s done now though.  Sort of.  But that’s another blog post.  For now, a picture my computer took of me last week.

Photo on 2010-02-08 at 16.00