April 8th : Fav of the Week

Growing up my family had a memorable book of short stories. ¬†My brothers and sister had read it when they where younger, and, I being some years behind them, had it passed on to me. ¬†I had my favourite stories within its pages. ¬†“The Grumble Family” and “The Pink Tree”. ¬†As a child I thought there couldn’t be a better story than one about a tree that turns pink in the spring. ¬†Moving to west coast, I get to see pink trees everywhere. Every spring. And I’m not sure there’s anything that quite fills me with anticipation like cherry blossoms. ¬†Cherry blossoms let me know that Spring is here. ¬†I’ll be able to put away my collection of grey sweaters, and pull out my t-shirts. ¬†Blossoms let me know that soon, I’ll be able to spend a quiet sunlit evening outside. ¬†Maybe even pulling out a well-worn hardcover, and reading my kids a couple of their favourite stories. ¬†Which just happen to include ¬†“The Grumble Family” ¬†and “The Pink Tree”.

This was my One Photo today.  

Fav (read: only) of the Month

I figure I better post today as it’s the 31st. ¬†I mentioned on my onephoto blog how this photo of medication in its bubble pack, sums up March. ¬†And, I plan to do better in April. ¬†I am actually staring at a blue patch of sky out my window right now. ¬†That inspires me to believe that April really is going to be a better month than March was. ¬†Ok, and the sun was briefly shining through the window. ¬†Yup April is going to be better than March.