Birth Announcements

I had the great pleasure of working with Linda on the birth announcement for her twin boys.  Graphic design is a sort of side project for me.  I seriously look at graphic design pretty much every where I go.  I love fonts, signage, promotional material.  It’s all so inspiring.  I especially love seeing the design work come back from the printer.  I was so excited to drop this package off, but not before I snapped a few pics of the finished product.

Perfectly Beautiful Memories and a Peek | Maple Ridge Newborn Photographer

I was holding my firstborn son. I was chocking back tears and trying to let my thoughts form words. The emotions made it so difficult. “He’s perfect – he’s beautiful.” It was a whisper. David thought it would be a good time to tell me he thought our son looked like an alien. I would’ve got up and smacked him if I would have had the strength. But I didn’t (lucky him). And I was too in love with a perfectly beautiful baby boy. Over the next several weeks I developed a severely sore neck because every time I held him, I just had to look at him. Constantly. Every mom knows what I’m talking about right?

The fact is newborns ARE perfectly beautiful. (Even if my husband thought ours weren’t). Their tiny hands, tiny feet, tiny noses, I’m just not sure there is anything more beautiful on the entire planet! And I am sure there is no one that can capture a mother’s heart, like a newborn.

I absolutely love newborns, and loved getting to take some photos of this perfectly beautiful little baby girl. Yup, I’ll do anything to get to spend time with babies ;)