A Top Ten and Other Truff

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was attending a photography conference.  Last night was the final night.  I seriously came home with a headful.  To be honest, it wasn’t really what happened in the conference as much as my re-telling of it to David, that helped me re-connect with my vision for photography.  I love it.  Plain and simple.

So my TOP TEN highlights of the past 3 days:

1.  The information re-clarified my passion.  Things I all too easy forget where brought to light.  Seeing what I want, and don’t want, with complete clarity.

2. My very FIRST skytrain ride.  Yes, I’m lame.

3.  Meeting Jasmine  Star.  I love her work, and she’s hilarious.  Seriously.

4.  Seeing the amazing underwater work of Dale Sanders.  This guy swam with sharks!

5.  Stepping out of my comfort zone.  Initiating conversation with complete strangers.  Intimidating, because I haven’t had to do that for, well, a while anyway.

6.  Learning about other photographers.  As in other local(ish) photographers.  It was cool to just be around people who do what I do – most of whom do it better.  VERY good experience.

7.  Garlic MASHED POTATOES!  Oh the garlicky and creme cheesy goodness – wowzers!

8.  Being reminded of how VALUABLE my TIME is!  I really forget that sometimes.

9.  Hanging out downtown and snapping pics.

10.  Starbucks’ free pastry promo! Maple scone. It was a nice surprise.


Greg & Tina {Sneak Peek}

I had the honor of photographing Greg & Tina’s wedding on Saturday.  Finally.  ;)  I first met Tina at her sister’s wedding in 2008.  She was fun and full of energy.  I was pretty excited when her mom talked to me about the possibility of shooting this wedding.   Can I mention, I was even more excited when I met them for coffee to talk about what they were looking for?

Our plans were thwarted when a major accident closed the route to one of the locations we were going to shoot at.  We tried to dodge the traffic nightmare, and choose a location close by.  I am looking forward to going through all the images, and posting more.  I can’t tell you how much fun I had!  I was grateful to have Amanda come along and shoot with me.  And Alanna, Tina’s friend was awesome enough to assist us and throughout the day.  Oh, and there was that moment she had to chase us down too.

Greg & Tina, you guys are awesome, and I can see you will have a life filled with much love and laughter.   Thank you for letting me be a part of your day.



Hello world!

This is it!  A brand new blog for a brand new decade.  I’m still thinking about things I’d like to change with it, but it’s here.  On my site.  (Now I just need to build my site right?)  My old site is HERE.