Portfolio Images for CCSR Interior Design

Disclaimer: I’m way behind in blog posts. I’ve come to accept this a way of life for me. Anyhow, that aside… Earlier this year I took photos for CCSR Interior Design. I have worked with Christa before, and it is always a great experience for me.  I had some lighting malfunctions on this day, and she graciously ran out to buy me a new battery. (Thanks again for being so sweet!)  I think she did a fantastic job with this basement suite, and she designed the fireplace unit, which is both functional and looks great. Actually, I believe she also designed the bathroom cabinet.  You can actually see her project drawings here.crd1 copy
LayoutTemp2 copy

Sneak Peek: Thank Heaven for Little Boys | Abbotsford Children’s Photographer

There’s something special about boys. They seem to observe the world around them in a unique way, they can’t sit still long, and it seems they find anything with lights and buttons and screws to turn, pretty much impossible to resist. I’m not sure that ever changes as they grow up. And grow up they do. This little guy is no exception, as he recently celebrated his very first birthday! He is on the move to explore and find out all about the world around him. I had so much fun playing with him, and watching him see what happens when you push that little red button on the flash unit. Little ones are simply awesome, and I just can’t help but thank heaven for little boys!


Sneak Peek: Baby Bump | Abbotsford Maternity Photographer |

When I shot the wedding of these soon to be parents almost two years ago, I couldn’t help  thinking  “she’s going to be a great mom”.  Maybe because she trained her dog to walk the rings down the isle, or maybe because of the way I saw her love everyone and every animal around her on her wedding day.  Yes, every animal –  ducks, cows, horses.  It was pretty sweet!  Needless to say I was thrilled to take them out to shoot some maternity photos on Saturday evening.  The sun even came out after a day of rain, to give us some beautiful light to play around with, but it was still pretty windy and col

Actually, as I look at the clock, they should be with their new early arrival right now!    I hope everything went as planned and all is well with the new family.


Life is Like a Dandelion

Seriously, a week ago there was a plethora of yellow beside the road down from our house.  Dandelions in full bloom.  This week, it is a sea of puff-balls.  Dandelions gone to seed.  Next week, it just may be that the wind has carried those little seeds away.  Last week  I stood by helplessly as my baby turned four (I’ll blog pictures soon).   I look through photos I have captured of him over the past few years, and I just thought “wow, it’s gone too quickly”.  Really, life is like a dandelion, isn’t it?  I get to teach and grow these little people while they are the bright yellow blooms, and that doesn’t last long!  I hope I can remember this when they leave their books and math manipulatives lying around on the office floor.  I hope I can remember this often enough to change the way I see each of the little moments that make up my time on earth.  I hope I can remember just how quickly life goes by every time I see a dandelion.


This Week in Review & a Sneak Peek

I knew I wanted to post tonight. I’ve been working all evening, and my eyes are tired.  Well, to be honest, all of me is tired too.  So, I got up shook my sillies out (if you remember that Mr. Dress up song *side note: Mr. Dressup was totally my favourite) and grabbed a drink of water.   I’ve been so busy this week, and next week is going to be insane too, but insane can be good.  Right?  But I’m a little behind.  And that’s ok, because David came home today and said “mmm, smells clean”  or something along those lines.  AND he noticed the baseboards have been scrubbed.  So all my labours this week, with the kids, at my desk, and scrubbing those pesky baseboards have not gone unnoticed.  Though I do believe the house being clean really only lasted about five minutes. Oh the futility.  But I was told that I am loved to the moon and back, and then to the froggy pond and all the way back to the moon and back down into the earth and then up to the moon and back again, and well, a few other places I can’t recall.  That means I am loved.  Like, a LOT.  Sigh.

And now a peek of the session I did with these great kiddos last week:  Sometime’s I just get to play, and this was one of those times.  I think it was a pretty great adventure.  I got to hear about Molly the Cow, and these cuties were vigilant and let me know when random objects of nature fell off my head.

Happy Friday, uh, almost Saturday…