Diapers, Soothers & Success

I read recently that in order to maintain enthusiasm in business you must surround yourself with people who believe in you and inspire you. Enter Momcafe. A venue to connect with inspiring women, and forge those relationships of encouragement and inspiration. It was a pleasure to photograph the launch event for Momcafe Fraser Valley this Thursday morning. Babies, mom’s – new and experienced, lattes, food and inspiration. I think that makes for a pretty great morning!

It was seriously inspiring to listen to Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz and Cybele Negris share a bit about of their career journeys. I definitely walked away with things to ponder and implement.

There was the opportunity to ask questions.

One of the many perks of being a Momcafe member is getting the opportunity to share about your business.

It was great to see women connecting with one another in the comfort of the cozy and eclectic Clayburn Gourmet Gallery.

If you weren’t there, seriously consider attending the next event. You can connect with Momcafe Fraser Valley on facebook to learn more.
Thank you Holly for the opportunity to photograph this event for you!

The Close of 2010

I always find myself in contemplative mode as the close of a year approaches. Beginning a new year always feels like a fresh start. Isn’t that irrational? January 1 is really only another day – one that follows the previous day – just like today has followed yesterday and will be followed by tomorrow. But it’s a time for contemplation none the less. I find myself asking what have I left to finish? What do I hope to begin?

I have grown in 2010. I have dreamed. I have shared. And I have loved. My word for the year was “thrive”. I didn’t always thrive, sometimes, I merely survived. Though, there were plenty of opportunities for thriving. I passed some of them up, and retreated.

2011 I want to DREAM more, and not think about what is impossible. I want to SHARE more. Share in life with others. Bad and good. I want to GROW with more grace. I want to LOVE more freely.

Before we know it we will be sitting on the cusp of 2012. In contemplative mode.


Breathe. And Colour.

Wow! I’ve been MIA. Again. Both catching up and catching breath. I’ve been laying low for the summer, and enjoying the non-schedule. That’s about to change, but I don’t really want to think about all that right now. And, sometimes when I don’t want to think about life – I re-design. So, I went a little search for some laid back colour. I’ve been surrounded by colours lately as I am working on some graphic design concepts in my down time. I like colour, but I like palettes more. And… I’d write more about it, but I’ve got to go make supper, and play with the kids. It’s summer after all, and I’m taking a deep breath.


11:41 PM, a Broken Lens, and Sleep Talking

It was 11:41 pm. Normally I’d be asleep. But last night I wasn’t. I was up. Thinking. Thinking about the events of the day, and how I was going to replace a broken lens.

You see, I’d been letting my daughter take pictures with my old camera body. We’re making an alphabet book. It’s really quite cute, and in the near future I’ll be posting some of its contents. She was done with the camera, and I saw it lying on the table. I knew it could easily be knocked over. So, I tenderly picked it up, and placed it in the office. Safe. My kids don’t just come into the office and grab camera equipment. Safe. We ate lunch. I quickly snuck off to the office to send some emails.

Then, in one fatal swoop, my sweet little four year old came waltzing into the office, stated “I want to take pictures”, and grabbed, and dropped, the camera. Lens down. On to the floor. Before I could even realize he was in the office. I think it’s life flashed before my eyes. It arriving in the mail just in time for the first portraits I would ever do for anyone other than my immediate family… There it was lying on the floor. I think my life flashed before my eyes. I hoped against hope it was ok. I felt a little surge of panic. I picked it up, and decided to try it out. Click click. But no focus. My heart dropped into my stomach. I switched to manual focus. The ring just went around and around. I could’ve gotten mad. I wasn’t though. After all people are always more important than stuff. I gave my guy a little lecture about touching things without asking, and then sat down out of sight to cry a little.

And so, at 11:41 I was awake. Thinking of ways to replace the lens. Brainstorming all these ideas to make some extra money. By, like, tomorrow. Trying to combat a lot of self-doubt. Trying to figure out an easier way. Going through the house, item by item to figure out what I could sell. I went back to bed. Had a little conversation with my husband about how he didn’t mean to copy me, and he would open his hand and let it go??? I asked him what he copied. He told me “your hand”. He talks in his sleep sometimes. I find it humorous. One time he was telling me about the BBQ, and I told him it was on fire. It’s fun to mess with peoples subconsciouses.

I rolled over. Everything would be fine. Even if I couldn’t replace it at the moment. It would all be fine. I hope I will always think of stuff, as just stuff. I hope, that if I ever place more value on a lens than the people I love, I’ll stumble upon this post. And see, it’s just a lens. I hope that David will talk in his sleep again soon, so I can tell him about it the next morning.


And because hydrangea’s are prettier than lenses: